Shedd Aquarium

In collaboration with Aquarium staff, Thinc is updating and modernizing Shedd's historic galleries, enhancing animal habitats and transforming interpretation to better highlight the wonders of the aquatic world, the incredible diversity of animals in Shedd's care, and the critical importance of conservation action in the face of climate change. This effort is part of the institution's Centennial Commitment, an eight year transformation culminating in 2030, the Shedd's 100th anniversary.

The reinvisioned experience and exhibits emphasize the wonder of water: its life-giving role on the planet and its capacity to support rich biodiversity. Whether in oceans, lakes, rivers, or streams, in freshwater or saltwater, there is extraordinary life to be found and an amazing array of animal behaviors to observe. Interpretation across the six historic galleries illuminates the roles aquatic animals play within their larger ecosystems and illustrates the impacts of climate change. Thinc's focus is on creating immersion in larger habitats such as a Caribbean coral reef and a Pacific Northwest kelp forest, as well as participatory, hands-on moments that open entry points for visitors of all ages to observe and connect with the natural world, and understand our shared reliance on its finite resources.

  • Client: Shedd Aquarium
  • Summary: Exhibition Planning and Design
  • Project Type: Aquariums and Zoos
  • Location: Chicago , IL