Future Museum Project

What is the future of the natural history museum? With this question in mind, the Milwaukee Public Museum engaged Thinc to design the core visitor experiences for its Future Museum—the largest cultural project in Wisconsin's history—for "curious and connected communities."

What began as a collection gathered by local students in the 1850s has grown to a museum of over four million objects and specimens from across the world. For over the century, the Museum has inspired generations to deepen their understanding of the world, triggering curiosity and delight. The Future Museum will continue this legacy, emerging as a leader in scientific inquiry and cross-cultural exchange.

The Future Museum will be a place to expand our “ways of knowing” the world through the lenses of time, place, and our relationships with other living beings with whom we share planet Earth. Exploring the intersections of nature and culture, the new exhibitions will reimagine the “Milwaukee Style”— the Museum’s beloved tradition of large-scale, immersive, dioramic experiences for audiences of all ages and abilities.

  • Client: Milwaukee Public Museum
  • Summary: Exhibition Planning and Design
  • Project Type: Museums
  • Location: Milwaukee , WI